Peace and Blessings to all my heavenly Father’s children!
What a WONDERFUL time to be alive! GOD, by His grace and mercy has kept us through the COVID-19 pandemic for this we should give Him the highest praise-HALLELUJAH! Even amidst the challenges we face, the hand of our GOD is visible through faith as He leads us along.
I am grateful for the continuity of worship as God s yet adding to the fellowship at NHBC! I wish to welcome the Sullivan and Curry families to our Church Family! Onward Christian soldiers!
There has been healing, restoration and rededication during these times of challenge! It is truly amazing how GOD uses our challenges to encourage us, strengthen, and unite us.
In closing, May we continue to be blessed in the LORD, and may we continue to see the salvation of the LORD in the land of the living. Continue to be blessed!
Dr. Reid