Good day Saints!

As the seasons change we make preparation for winter. I realize that 2020 has challenged many of us. But through it all, we’ve  come this far by faith.
Today our message will come from Genesis 50:22-26 with our subject being: “A DEAD MAN LIVESTREAMS FROM AN EGYPTIAN COFFIN.” Join us live at 11:00 a.m.
Remain in prayer all the sick which includes Mother Barbara Beidleman, Mrs. Evelyn Hughes of the church. Mr. Tim Carter hospitalized in Walter Reed Hospital.
Also remain in prayer for the bereaved families, which includes Mrs Janie Davis of the church.
Finally, as Tuesday is election day, please pray as you cast your vote that this country may start the healing process and once again rise to the level of respect and dignity that we expect and deserve.
Yours in His service, Dr. Reid