Dear NHBC Church Family

A message from our Pastor in regards to COVID-19

Peace and blessings in the mighty name of JESUS CHRIST our LORD!
Two pieces of information I wish to share with you:
1. In the interest of compliance with Virginia Gov. Northam’s mandates concerning the COVID-19 pandemic, all VA residents are REQUIRED to wear masks whenever out in public. This is EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY. NO EXCEPTIONS. this means that if we worship together, we must have our mask on.
2. In the interest of protecting EVERYONE in our Church Family, starting immediately, EVERYONE will receive temperature screening. If you have a low grade fever or above, we will recommend you NOT enter the building until temp is in the normal and healthy range. It is our hope and determination to provide a SAFE and HEALTHY worship environment for EVERYONE doing these times of challenge. We pray your full cooperation and support.
Dr. Reid

 The NHBC Family is proud of our "Hungry & Homeless" Feeding Ministry which meets every Tuesday to provide hot meals for the hungry and homeless in our area.
   Please read the article in Saturday's edition (11/27/21) of the Bristol Herald Courier featuring our ministry. Mr. Tom Netherland did a wonderful interview!
     Those who work so hard in their efforts to provide, prepare, and transport meals are: Mother Evelyn Mabry, Mrs. Cheryl Brown, First Lady Sylvia Reid, Rev. Carol Burks, Brenda Ayala, Deacon Kenneth Smith, Mr. Jean Mulumba and Myself.
     A very special thanks to all who have made a generous contribution. It is through your generosity that we are able to help in feeding. May GOD continue to bless and keep you always.
Mail in Donations can be sent to:
New Hope Baptist Church
1174 Martin Luther King, Jr Blvd
Bristol, VA 24201 
Dr. Reid